Personal Profile

I used to call myself a writer, a creator, and a rhetorician. Now, I call myself a writer, a creator, a rhetorician, and a digital humanist. As a professional writing major, studying digital humanities seemed like the only right thing to do. 

I’m Jordan, and I feel like my role in digital humanities is nothing more than ordinary. I like to write, read, design and create. In the future I plan to write and use my creative skills for the company I work for and its clients. My goal is to be able to incorporate digital humanities into my career and help my company expand its intentions on a digital platform.

What I like most about DH is that the sky is the limit, and I plan to use it to its full potential, (if that’s even possible?). I enjoy the idea that I’m able to study and analyze questions through visual aids using a handful of awesome tools. I hope you enjoy reading my digital humanities blog for now. I hope to start a personal blog soon.


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