Palladio/Group Reflection (Week 2)

The first week of group work my group really did the majority of our research,  data collection, and planned the structure of our project. This week we started putting it all together.

We spent a lot of time on RAW trying to figure out exactly how to accomplish what we were trying to, but we fell short of data needed to use RAW. Our goal was to find a way to create a chart that connects the common words used in each mission statement and while RAW could document in each word in the mission statements, it wasn’t connecting the words that were common.

Although this has nothing to do with our current research question (Are the colleges located North of the river more arts based while South of the river is more STEM based–science, technology, engineering and mathematics?), it’s another aspect we can add to our project in order to compare the mission statements. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to class on Thursday, but my group informed me of the tool Palladio, which truly turned the tables.

After spending SO MUCH TIME with RAW and ending up frustrated because it wasn’t working, an answer was given to us in class on Thursday. I haven’t had much time to work with Palladio to see all that it has to offer I’m confident it will be able to produce the exact graph we’re looking to create this coming week.

So far my experience with this project has been a positive learning experience, and I think my group has a lot to do with that. We all came to agreements and stuck to our tasks. We’ve been finishing everything surprisingly quickly and have been able to solve our problems pretty quick as well. I’m anxious to see our final product once we’re done working with Palladio and our map. I’m also anxious to see what the other groups are creating and to see our big project as a whole. As a student, this project proves to be interesting, and by splitting up into groups we’re able to analyze the mission statements of the Big Ten schools, the colleges within MSU, and more using the same corpus.


2 thoughts on “Palladio/Group Reflection (Week 2)

    • I think one of the difficult things we found with RAW was that it was document the words we put in, but not connecting the words that were common between colleges, as we need to make comparisons. We’re able to visualize our map fine but we need to make another graph with this other data to make the comparisons we need to put into our map.


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