History of Humanities Computing

After reading Susan Hockey’s article The History of Humanities Computing, I’m very excited to learn more about DH this semester. It was interesting to see how humanities computing evolved since the idea was originated, especially with each technological advance. A time I thought was interesting was in the 1990’s when the Internet was introduced. The World Wide Web consolidated a new era, produced new ideas in humanities computing, and brought a new and more interesting perspective in other research, academia, and the public. 

“The expansion of access to electronic resources fostered by the Web led to other areas of theoretical interest in humanities computing. Electronic resources became objects of study in themselves and were subjected to analysis by a new group of scholars, some of whom had little experience of the technical aspects of the resources,” (Hockey). 

Electronics and technology has been a big part of society’s majority ever since it was introduced. Each of those things have a tremendous influence on the way one lives their lives. I’m looking forward to getting to learn and become familiar with computers and also the resources and tools I’ll be using in my DH class. 

In Hockey’s article she also talked about certain codes and things involved in humanities computing and it reminded me a lot about the things i’ll be doing in my Intro to Web Authoring class as well. I’m pretty confident when I say I know the basics about computers, and I can’t wait to learn more. After all, as you can see if you read Hockey’s article that times are changing and technology and electronics keep improving, and you should too (if you’ll be using them of course).

This semester I’m looking forward to learning more about computers and improving my skills, and I’m anxious to get my projects started.


3 thoughts on “History of Humanities Computing

  1. Glad to hear that you’re excited about taking this class and that you’re seeing the benefits of Twitter (as you mentioned in your other post). Did Hockey’s essay show you anything new or surprise you in anyway, did it answer any questions that you had about DH or questions that we asked in class?


  2. It is really interesting to think about all the areas that technology is encompassed in. In this new age just about every field has an essential need for technology. Without technology today, one can easily fall behind times and advancements, while also putting themselves a step behind the competition.
    I am also excited to learn about the new technologies used in DH and the advancements made. From the article we can really see just how much technology in the humanities has exploded at an ever increasing rate. It will be interesting to see how technology evolves in DH ten years from now. Will the technologies we use today be outdated or just built upon?


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