Creating and Using a Professional Twitter Account

I’ve had a Twitter for the past few years (a personal account, of course) and I never really thought about creating one to use for academia. This semester 3 of my classes: Intro to Professional Writing, Intro to Digital Humanities, and Intro to Web Authoring all suggest that I tweet for class. Now that I’ve created my professional Twitter account I’ve been following classmates, DH accounts, writing accounts,  and so on. I’ve even followed some news accounts, MSU accounts, and more. 

Twitter is a way to stay connected with people. While I use my personal account to stay more connected with friends, I’m anxious to use this account to stay connected to my academia interests and people alike. I’ve started tweeting for my classes and I actually really enjoy it.

Twitter only allows you to post 140 word count tweets, and it’s definitely a challenge trying to fit my posts for my classes in that amount of words. Sometimes, grammar and punctuation can get a little messy with a word limit, but the 140 word count allows you to get your point across in a decent amount of words and that’s all you need. I mean, no one wants to read a 500 word tweet, or at least I don’t.  

I hope to use my professional Twitter account throughout the rest of my undergrad and into my career. I also hope to follow more important people that will help me in my academics. I can’t wait to see what else the DH world has to offer me, as well as PW. 


4 thoughts on “Creating and Using a Professional Twitter Account

  1. I agree, it is interesting to see how you can use Twitter for professional use. It is a good way to connect with not only with your friends, but to what interests you. It also makes me think how you can be yourself when you are on Twitter because it’s your Twitter and you should express how you feel or how you reflect towards the real world. I do not see the limitations on how you can express yourself on Twitter and it also shows what kind of person you are just by being yourself.

    I also see that companies, businesses, authors, celebrities, and other professions also uses Twitter. At least that is one way to know who we look up to are doing or what kinds of opportunities they are asking for us. You can never know the possibilities of they would contact you or reply to you.

    I agree with being limited to how many characters you can tweet, because I also would not like to read a very long tweet, but only when necessary. I am a type of person who would understand what everything would mean if it is a very long text but if it’s straight to the point, I would easily get it.

    Good luck on using Twitter!

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  2. Sometimes I feel like Twitter is too brief as well, but I also feel like it is kind of like when professors ask students to write 500 word papers. It’s really about pairing it down to the most important information. That’s why I really like that we have blogs and Twitter, because it gives us two easily accessible platforms that are totally different in which to express our opinions and connect with others. Plus, Twitter is a great way to learn about what is happening in academia in real time. Then you can stay up to date, and check out the full story later.


  3. I like that you are using twitter for three classes right now. That just reinforces the belief of twitter being a powerful tool to use in academia as so many classes highly suggest it. I learned in a computer programming class I am taking that twitter has a 140 character limit per tweet because when twitter first started, it was built for mobile devices. This was when mobile devices had text messaging that would break up a text after 140 characters, and twitter never changed it. I personally like blogs more than twitter, as I like to be descriptive in my personal writing, but I can see the appeal for other people having short messages to see from others.

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    • Thanks, I’m really enjoying have a professional Twitter account and getting a chance to use it for the majority of my classes this semester. It makes me feel more connected with the class now that I have another way to give and receive academic information. I didn’t know that that was how the 140 character limit started…very interesting. However, it doesn’t surprise me that Twitter was originally designed to be displayed on a mobile screen–I prefer the Twitter app on my iPhone more than the web version. As for blogs, this is my first one and I actually really like it. I’ve always wanted to create one but never got around to it. Now that I have this one for class I’m thinking about finally starting a more personal one because I love to write as well.


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